Optimized Keto 32-Day Challenge

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This is the challenge you've heard about. We've had this challenge as our staple for years now helping thousands of people achieve their keto goals. It was designed to help you kickstart your journey and keeping everything as simple as possible so that you can jump in and easily follow along while seeing changes almost instantly. if you are searching for a challenge to get started or go all in for the next 32 days to really start seeing progress, this challenge is for you.

⏰  Length: 32 Days

🥑  Difficulty: Beginner

What you get:

  • Keto Recipe Guide: Our recipe guide provides you with a variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts that are 100% keto-friendly! (Value $97)
  • Optimized Kickstart Guide: This is where the foundation of your ketogenic journey lies. Refer back to this guide as often as you need for how to understand, implement and optimize a ketogenic way of eating. (value $97)
  • Custom Meal Plans: Sit back and relax because we’ve done all of the work for you on exactly what to eat to optimize your keto journey. (Value $197)
  • Home Workout Guide:  The workouts include upper body, lower body, total body, cardio and abs. Best of all, you don’t need equipment or a gym membership. (Value $97)
  • Progress calendar: Keep track of what matters and make marginal changes towards your goal (value $47)
  • Optimized Keto Snack List: This quick one-page sheet is great to keep handy when you’re on the road or in need of a quick boost of energy! (Value $97)


  • The Ultimate Restaurant Guide: Whether it’s for a birthday celebration or work event, we want you to feel equipped with the knowledge on how to order keto-friendly meals when eating out. (Value $97)
  • Start-Reset Keto Guide: Follow these principles to get over any plateau and keep seeing results day after day (Value $47)
  • Top 10 Biggest Mistakes: This guide goes through the 10 biggest errors you might be making and how to fix them, so you can start seeing results and stop sabotaging your efforts. (Value $5)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Fasting: This guide will teach you the do's and don’ts of implementing fasting to ensure your success.  (Value $5)

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